About Us


TWR is committed to contemporary designs and modern home staging. Our commitment to the marketplace is high end properties that require a look that is fresh, but comfortable. Our tailor-made supply chain of custom modern furniture and d├ęcor will help facilitate your next real estate conveyance.
TWR represents the elite sector when it comes to the property staging industry. High-end homes must always be in top form when being listed for sale. Buyers will not even consider a luxury property which does not fulfill their every need and expectation. The higher the price of the home, the more this rule applies.

We draw on the extensive inventory of furniture and accessories in our warehouses, selecting from traditional, transitional, modernist, contemporary and emerging trend collections. We continually source new items and home elements, and use gallery quality artworks to complete the picture.
Remember, most people buy on emotion. We make it Love at first sight!

The very idea of listing an unstaged luxury properly for sale in today’s competitive real estate climate is pure folly.

Luckily, home staging works particularly well for expensive residences, since staging will enhance the property to highlight all of its beauty, while simultaneously disguising any potential liabilities of the home, which may turn off wealthy prospective buyers.

Using a proven approach, our home staging experts evaluate each home inside and out, recommending the strategies that will create the most engaging presentation. These range from lighting, furniture choice and placement, art and finishing touches to landscaping and exterior enhancements. We also cater to the Feng Shui principles when it comes to staging & leaves us with no stones untouched.

We take pride in our commitment to time & how we can stage a home in just 3 days & condos is just 2 days.