Our Service


With a one time fee, the client never needs to be concerned about additional or monthly costs. Our furniture remains in place until the home is sold, and subjects have been removed. We offer custom made artwork for all prominent locations throughout the home. We completely furnish the home, not just some of the main areas, and of course we include TV’s and outdoor furniture. With many unique flower arrangements, and rooms accessorized beautifully, the home is left with a magical touch that feels lived in, warm and welcoming. Your guests will want to stay forever! A weekly cleaning service is included, also making sure that any plants are watered and pillows and throws are in perfect place!

The furniture we use is owned by us, not rented, and is always available to the home buyer at a discounted price, if desired. To be able to move into a perfectly furnished home can be a great be a convenience, many clients appreciate.

All this is done in 10 business days or less!! We have completed jobs in as little as 3 days, if it has been required! Please feel free to contact us for any further information. We would be delighted to help you!